How to Choose an Essay Topic

Usually, tutors assign an essay topic to students. However, sometimes, they provide students with the ability to choose a subject by themselves. Selecting a topic for an essay is a crucial and responsible step for every student.
Due to this, a lot of learners experience problems picking a subject that will 100% engage a tutor and help to get A+. If you’re one of those, do not hesitate to examine the best tips for choosing an essay topic.

Pick an Essay Type

If you have zero experience in writing essays, you should know that there are a lot of different types of academic papers. For instance, if you write a narrative essay, you have to tell an engaging story to readers. Choosing a compare and contrast type, you will need to pick two different objects from one niche and analyze their differences and similarities. Examine the types of college essays and choose a kind of your essay first.

Define the Purpose

Every essay should have a thesis statement and primary purpose. Consider if you want to educate people, share your viewpoint, or provide arguments opposite to well-known facts. Try to define what idea should your essay deliver. It will help you to narrow your search because you will start looking for essay topics that match your requirements only.


Start thinking about college paper subjects that are close to your interests. Do not hesitate to write down all essay topics that appear in your mind. After this, analyze each subject in your list thoroughly. Try to evaluate your acknowledge in every theme. In order not to lose a lot of time for research, avoid topics in which you're not an expert.
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Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to yourself, researching essay topics. The question - “what would you do if I don’t need money at all?” will help you to indicate your interests and choose a problem that you can analyze in your essay. Also, you can ask yourself - “what can attract my attention in a news feed?” to narrow your search for essay topics.

Explore College Essays

One of the best ways to take a deep dive into essay writing is to examine college papers from other students. Pay closer attention to how students follow a thesis statement and enclose an essay topic.

Use the Crowd Power

If you experience any problems choosing an essay topic, feel free to use your connections or request some help on the Internet. Publish a post on Facebook, asking your friends to suggest some essay topics that match your requirements.
Also, you can ask all the Internet users to help you to choose a subject for an essay. Do not hesitate to ask for help by using Reddit, Twitter, or any other website. Consequently, thousands of people from around the globe will help you to choose the best essay topic.

Best Recommendation

If none of the tips above didn’t help you to choose a mind-blowing topic for your college essay, feel free to ask your tutor to assign it for you. Alternatively, you can contact a paper creation company and hire an assignment writer who will assist you in choosing a topic and creating a leading-edge college essay.

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