Why Students Have To Write Essays

As a student, you will be asked to do different writing tasks all throughout your student life, and one of these is essays. This is a piece

How to Choose an Essay Topic

Usually, tutors assign an essay topic to students. However, sometimes, they provide students with the ability to choose a subject by themsel

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  • The New Man

    Having an open point of view for the world can open many doors for us in order to accomplish our goals even if times are difficult. The author Richard Wright in his biography, The Library Card, describes his life during the difficult Jim Crow era and how his unwavering charisma helped him survive those times. Throughout the story Wright is an openminded person, he tries to find a solution for everything carefully and has a strong desire to learn.

  • Patrick Mahomes won the MVP

    In 2018, Patrick Mahomes won the MVP with 50 touchdowns and 5,000 passing yards. Did math play a part in this? In the article from Newsela, How percentages are used in sports talks about the importance of using the right statistics and averages to analyze or compare teams and players. The article from Newsela called A game inches - and metrics justifies that the vast amount of data and utilization of that data has changed the way of playing the game. The article Mathematics in Sports by Jim Wilson explains that players and coaches use formulas to gain success in their respective fields. Therefore, math is an indispensable part of sports.

  • Gloomy skies shaped emotions

    Gloomy skies shaped emotions. Darkness absorbed a once radiant sun; a whiff of impending, heavy rain. Sweat dripped down. An awareness of guilt rose in me. Pulling up to an impoverished school, changes perspective on life. Feeling grateful for my life, however, feeling like a culprit not to share.